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5 days ago

If you've never been to Cape Verde before, this glimpse into Cozzolino's world  will tempt you to book some flights! Dive into the world of...

1 month ago

As the name suggests, Cabrinha's Drifter is synonymous with it’s Drift ability. Put it in position and ride down the line, the kite gives you...

1 month ago

Now THATS how you introduce a new collection - Watch Cabrinha's 04 launch video NOW! Not all things are created equally, and neither should they...

4 months ago

Welcome to Rio, take a seat! Feast your eyes on the captivating 25-minute highlight video showcasing the second GKA Kite-Surf event of the season. Enjoy!

6 months ago

Tune in to the debut episode of the 'Rider Diaries Series', taking us for an inside look into the competitive world of athletes! In this...

7 months ago

Watch the Day 7 highlights from Copa Kitley GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Rio 2023 where they continued with the Men's Round 4! To read the...

8 months ago

Welcome to the Cabrinha International team Hendrick Lopes! Oozing style and talent, Hendrick is the perfect fit for the Cabrinha team and embodies the #LiveFreeRideFree...

9 months ago

Watch the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Kite World Championships Tarifa 2023 Surfboard, and TwinTip Finals highlights here! Experience the thrilling finale of the Qatar...

1 year ago

Manera has done it again in LES COQUILLARDS – “Bands of vagabonds who cross the Camino de Santiago under the garb of false pilgrims (falsos...