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4 years ago | 01:27

Take a ride with British waver rider George Noble as he shreds some Scottish waves, it's pretty cold up there at the moment so watching…

5 years ago | 02:03

Some videos say it with punch and power, supersaturated videography, T&A, massive hang time, boosting huge air or just plain throwing down the sickest riding…

5 years ago | 01:44

What a week we’ve just had down in Kernow, the land of the Saints… When the British Kite Sports Association pulled the plug on the…

5 years ago | 00:57

We're not sure if 7 relates to the water temperature, George's mental age, or the number of waves he destroys in this very short clip.…

6 years ago | 05:27

UK Wave rider George Noble heads to the Outer Hebrides to check out the Isle of Lewis and scores some pretty amazing waves with and…

6 years ago | 04:24

George Noble is a rather talented shredder from Scotland, when he isn't out catching his lunch, he's pushing the UK strapless scene in the right…


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