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4 years ago

Join George Boutsikakis in this short edit for a snowkite jibbing session on Weed Lake. You just can't go wrong with blue skies and a…

5 years ago

Check out this relaxing drone footage featuring snowkiters blasting around the expansive Gull Lake. Snowkiting on frozen lakes is something all of you should try!…

5 years ago

Join George Boutsikakis as he snowkites through what looks like a car graveyard! Jibbing on old cars looks like a laugh, check it out.

7 years ago

We like this a lot, and if you like snowkiting you will too, we guarantee it! It's only a short trailer but it gets you…

8 years ago

Suited and booted, We join the Calgary Kite Crew catching the last of the low summer sun as they ride at Weed Lake, Langdon Alberta…