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3 years ago

A glimpse of what Fly Fisch got up to last weekend foiling on Lago di Resia fly(Italy) - Enjoy!

4 years ago

Fly Fisch cruising the Mediterranean Sea on his hydrofoil was strangely hypnotic last year, foiling certainly goes well with drone footage that’s for sure, but…

4 years ago

This ain’t no competition for rookies! Ragnarök in Scandinavian mythology means Destination of Gods. You must be persistent, tough and in a good shape to…

4 years ago

We love seeing foiling edits like this! Check out Flysurfer Kiteboarding rider Fly Fisch in his new edit. It is truly a special one, making…

5 years ago

This is the first proper Ragnarok edit we've seen this year and it's a goodun! Make sure you check it out! Out of seven editions…

6 years ago

Check out this amazing piece of drone cinematography by Andreas Gehrer with Flysurfer rider Fly Fisch, in his freestyle foiling element on the all-new FLYSURFER Kiteboarding…