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6 months ago

#KitersInIsolation - Winners of our 2019 Movie Award - The crew live for snowkiting, and every winter, they give us a glimpse of their…

8 months ago

Felix, Jonas and Ronny ditch their Swiss homespot and head out for a new adventure and into the wild mountains of Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia -…

8 months ago

Last week Felix, Ronny and Jonas took a trip to Kosovo with the goal in mind; Snowkiting in the wild mountains of Kosovo. FULL MOVIE…

2 years ago

Check out the highlights of the 2019 Red Bull Ragnarok, the world's largest snowkiting event, right here!

2 years ago

The world's largest snow kite competition of the year once again was a hit! Kiters from more than 30 nations worldwide had gathered at Hardangervidda…

2 years ago

Felix Kersten enjoying an in-flight refreshment - It's hard life Felix!