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2 months ago

While most of us are waiting for summer in the Northern Hemisphere - Felix Kersten, Ronny Michael & Marc Bischi are enjoying the snow while…

3 months ago

WHAT A RIDE! Ozone rider, Felix Kersten, takes us on a ride to remember! For the past ten years, Felix has had his eyes set…

4 months ago

Join Felix Kersten and the Team Snowstorm crew for a flight down Cufercalhut in Switzerland!

5 months ago

What a ride, AND flight down! Watch Felix Kersten and Jonas Lengwiler in their latest edit from Cufercalhütte. One of the best days of the…

5 months ago

These guys live for snowkite season! Watch Felix Kersten and Jonas Lengwiler as they head to Cufercalhütte, Switzerland, for a snowkite session and a long…

8 months ago

If anyone's going to get you stoked for snowkite season, it's Felix Kersten. Incredible footage from Pizzo Stella - what a playground!

1 year ago

Felix Kersten takes the scenic route from Switzerland to Italy - Enjoy the ride!

1 year ago

Felix Kersten conquers a new peak in Davos, Switzerland with the help of his foil kite. Watch his ascent of Chistenstein now!

1 year ago

There's something absolutely mesmerising - and terrifying - about watching Felix Kersten sail along the edges of the slopes in the Swiss Alps. You don't…