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3 days ago

Felix Kersten takes us on a ride...

7 months ago

While most of us are waiting for summer in the Northern Hemisphere - Felix Kersten, Ronny Michael & Marc Bischi are enjoying the snow while…

9 months ago

WHAT A RIDE! Ozone rider, Felix Kersten, takes us on a ride to remember! For the past ten years, Felix has had his eyes set…

10 months ago

Join Felix Kersten and the Team Snowstorm crew for a flight down Cufercalhut in Switzerland!

10 months ago

What a ride, AND flight down! Watch Felix Kersten and Jonas Lengwiler in their latest edit from Cufercalhütte. One of the best days of the…

11 months ago

These guys live for snowkite season! Watch Felix Kersten and Jonas Lengwiler as they head to Cufercalhütte, Switzerland, for a snowkite session and a long…

1 year ago

If anyone's going to get you stoked for snowkite season, it's Felix Kersten. Incredible footage from Pizzo Stella - what a playground!

2 years ago

Felix Kersten takes the scenic route from Switzerland to Italy - Enjoy the ride!

2 years ago

Felix Kersten conquers a new peak in Davos, Switzerland with the help of his foil kite. Watch his ascent of Chistenstein now!