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4 weeks ago

Weekends at home! In this video, Evan Klijn takes us to a beautiful lake at his home in Friesland, giving the perfect recipe for a...

3 months ago

Evan Klijn just released his latest action-packed video, which includes an exciting downwinder in Holland, tow-ups with Evan's closest friends, training in Tarifa, and the...

3 months ago

Check out Stino Mul's Lords of Tram recap from Barcares last week, including his heats to see how he performed. He is now gearing up...

4 months ago

Evan Klijn shases a 55 knot storm in Ireland - The results? See for yourself!

6 months ago

Watch Cohan van Dijk and Evan Klijn go head-to-head in a freestyle game of KITE! Although there was barely enough wind to ride, they had...

6 months ago

On Evan Klijn never ending quest to chase the most extreme conditions - here it is; the strongest winds he's conquered yet! Hold on tight,...

7 months ago

Watch EvanKlijn and the new ERA in action!

8 months ago

Experience extreme megaloops like Evan on every size in the range, including the 10m and 12m! Evan recently joined the FLYSURFER team, and they are...

8 months ago

If there's anyone who gets us stoked for stormy sessions, it's Evan Klijn! In this vlog, Evan takes us to Zandmotor for a couple of...