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1 week ago

Experience extreme megaloops like Evan on every size in the range, including the 10m and 12m! Evan recently joined the FLYSURFER team, and they are…

2 weeks ago

If there's anyone who gets us stoked for stormy sessions, it's Evan Klijn! In this vlog, Evan takes us to Zandmotor for a couple of…

1 month ago

Evan Klijn and the crew hit France and dropped his latest vlog! Watch the action right here.

2 months ago

Evan Klijn is keeping busy... from changing brands to chasing magical gusts in Tarifa... Did he break a record? Did he score the 1-minute airtime…

3 months ago

Evan Klijn sending it on his new 6m FLYSURFER Sonic 4!

7 months ago

The Space X Kitesurfing Crew just dropped their latest vlog, and in this episode, the Dutchies head out for a session. Icy hands, 25 knots,…

8 months ago

As Evan Klijn's time in Cape Town comes to an end and he prepares to bid farewell to the most beautiful kite spot in the…

9 months ago

Evan Klijn faces his biggest fears in his latest vlog and takes us along for the ride! Wondering how things played out? Watch this! Sometimes…

9 months ago

Evan and Kenan team up in this one and head to his favourite spot in Cape Town again; this time, he goes extreme! If you…