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5 months ago

Take a look at Duotone's Young Blood Camp in France! Coached by Val Garat, Edgar Ulrich, Justine Avril, Max Tullet and Seb Garat, young kitesurfers…

5 months ago

Without tools, the board and mast can be connected in seconds with Duotone's Quick Mount! The Duotone Quick Mount is a clever, fast and secure…

7 months ago

Frenchman Edgar Ulrich shows us the 'French Touch' and takes a quick strike mission with some mates to Tarifa for a Levante special! Athlete: Edgar…

10 months ago

Watch Episode 2 of Sky High, Duotone's new web series focusing on the Duotone Big Air team! In this episode, the Duotone crew takes us…

10 months ago

Introducing Sky High, a brand-new web series focusing on the Duotone Big Air team! A mix of Young Blood and legends pushing discipline and the…

10 months ago

KOTA 2022 is just around the corner! This year, North Kiteboarding and Red Bull King of the Air are partnering to celebrate their 10th anniversary…

12 months ago

It's the news Big Air fans around the world have been waiting for... the list of riders who will compete in the upcoming 2022 Red…

12 months ago

Here's a sneak peek at Edgar Ulrich's 2021/2022 snowkite season - we're looking forward to what he has in store for this winter!

1 year ago

Are you ready? Because the GREEN LIGHT is ON for the Cold Hawaii Big Air on Thursday, 15th September!  Here’s a reminder of last year’s…