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4 months ago

Does the wave machine ever turn off in Mauritius?! Dmitry Evseev is taking advantage of the quiet kite spot during this off season session!

5 months ago

Do you know the drift launch technique? If you're a foiler that loves that light wind vibe, drift launching is a need-to-know. Watch Dmitry Evseev…

5 months ago

Light wind shouldn't keep you off the water! Learn how Dmitry Evseev finds the right balance to keep flying in a gentle breeze at Pryde…

7 months ago

Dmitry Evseev making us pretty jealous with this edit from Mauritius. If you haven't been out for a proper wave session in a while, this…

8 months ago

Here's a little tropical dreaming to get your weekend going... Dmitry Evseev takes the Cabrinha Drifter out for a session on the crystal clear waters…

11 months ago

While Willow River Tonkin is smashing out PB speed records on his wing, there's always time to catch a wave solely on his foil -…

11 months ago

Dmitry Evseev enjoying a typical day in Mauritius on his wave kite of choice - the Drifter!

2 years ago

Inspired by all the handheld wings we've seen lately, here's something you don't see every day... Watch Dmitry Evseev attempt to foil with an umbrella!…

3 years ago

Looking for a way to relax at the end of a busy day? Join Dmitry in Mauritius as he slays some dragons out at One…