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7 months ago

Inspired by all the handheld wings we've seen lately, here's something you don't see every day... Watch Dmitry Evseev attempt to foil with an umbrella!…

12 months ago

Looking for a way to relax at the end of a busy day? Join Dmitry in Mauritius as he slays some dragons out at One…

2 years ago

Well we've never seen a tutorial like this. However we thought it could be useful for all those people constantly getting their lines tangled! Tag…

2 years ago

This is definitely not easy! Join Christian Rosenbrook as he foils a wave in Manama, Mauritius. Starting to catch on this new discipline... 100% GoPro HERO6…

2 years ago

Mauritius really is a stunning place to kitesurf! Check out Dmitry Evseev's latest edit. Video by Dmitry Evseev special for supported by Pryde Club Mauritius,…

2 years ago

Yep, that's a whale in the background. A once in a lifetime experience...unless perhaps if you live in Mauritius like Dmitry Evseev! Video edited by…

2 years ago

Selfieriding is a thing and Dmitry Evseev does it well! Some awesome slow mo shots from Mauritius. Check it out. 100% GoPro HERO6 Black video…

2 years ago

Check out these sick follow cam shots from Dmitry Evseev in Mauritius. He never fails to provide a pumping wave kite edit! 100% GoPro HERO6…

2 years ago

Strapless freestyle and perfect waves with the wizard that is Keahi de Aboitiz! How does he do it?? 100% GoPro HERO6 Black video by Dmitry…


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