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7 months ago

Crank up the volume, and get this one on a big screen! Delphine and Bertrand Beauchet Macaire are back from Mauritius, and just dropped their latest…

8 months ago

Delphine Beauchet Macaire and Bertrand Beauchet set sail for Mauritius! They took full advantage of almost deserted spots, warms waters, and incredible weather - Stunning…

4 years ago

Take a look at this beautiful edit where top female kiter Delphine Macaire shreds left hand breaks on the North shore of Peru. You'll definitely be…

5 years ago

Ever since she learned to kitesurf Delphine Macaire has been desperate to go to Zanzibar! The bad news is that after watching this video you'll…

5 years ago

Do it all. If you like kitesurfing and stand up paddle, you will love this short movie from French Slingshot team rider Delphine Macaire...and if…

6 years ago

The lovely Delphine Macaire riding in the equally magnificent Caribbean island of Martinique in the West Indies. Watching this edit has me reaching for my…

6 years ago

Check out Delphine Macaire riding in the South of France, looking at the location we could have sworn this was shot in Brazil, it just…


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