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1 month ago

Prepare yourself for some of the most jaw-dropping entry videos coming up over the next few weeks! And here it is... Clement Huot video entry…

2 months ago

You better stop what you are doing, and watch this! The legendary Naish House returns in an all-new location with the next generation of rippers…

6 months ago

Naish Kiteboarding wants to encourage young talented riders to reach the top - Are you next? Within Naish Team Europe, they are looking for the…

8 months ago

While eveeryone was ripping at the KOTA in Cape Town Clement Huot was getting all sendy in France! Getting over 20m is something many riders…

9 months ago

16-year-old French Naish rider Clement Huot, taking the 2019 Pivot out for a little big air session! Keep an eye out for this kid!

2 years ago

Looks like Storm Brian hit parts of France too. Some of these megaloops are HUGE!! Amazing condition saturday in brittany. 30/40 Knots with my new…


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