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1 month ago

Jordan Hurst shows off his home spot in Portland, Dorset on the south coast of the UK; a day off well spent!  

7 months ago

Jordan Hurst sums up his 3 months adventures travelling around the Virgin Island into 7 epic minutes!¬†Kiteboarding, Free Diving, Helicopter Rides, Dirt Biking the list…

10 months ago

This is NUTS! Joshua Emanuel scored a rare south windstorm in Ras Sudr, Egypt. With winds gusting up to 40 knots, Joshua grabbed his 9m…

1 year ago

Want to do megaloops like this one? Then the brand new GTS5 may be for you. Check it out! Move over, Megaloop Champ. The GTS5…

1 year ago

There is always more than one way to pull a trick. In this episode Ben shows you 5 different ways to do a frontroll to…

1 year ago

The tack comes in handy if you need to turn fast and on point. Here Ben Beholz shows you how to do a regular tack…

1 year ago

This is NUTS! Last week we saw his POV edit from this massive pier jump, watch the full thing now! Awesome stuff from Joshua Emanuel.…

1 year ago

After you start to nail your freestyle tricks safely, start adding grabs to it. A Grab adds to every trick way more style and makes…

1 year ago

This pier jump is MASSIVE! Not only does Joshua Emanuel send it over this pier he also does a megaloop backroll in the process. Inspired!…


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