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4 years ago

With winds gusting over 50 knots in Cornwall, Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Lewis Crathern and Sam Light were in the right place at the right...

4 years ago

Storm Ellen brought in southerly winds reaching 40 kts, and the crew in Cornwall were there to reap the benefits! Location: Marazion

6 years ago

I let my mate go in first to make sure it was windy enough! These guys had a mad weekend kitesurfing in 50-65 MPH winds,...

7 years ago

Storm Ophelia hits Cornwall, with very high winds and huge waves sent crashing into the Cornish coastline. Make sure you watch this video from yesterday!...

7 years ago

We'd always rather it be windy!! Entertaining little edit from BiscuitsAlive comparing windy and not windy days! Any kitesurfer will understand. :)

7 years ago

Who else cycles to the beach with all their kit? Impressive stuff. Customised my Calibre Dune fatbike to serve as my - K.B.T.S. (Kitesurf Beach...

7 years ago

This is EPIC! Local riders shredding HUGE waves in Cornwall and making the most of spectacular conditions. This is the sort of edit you need...

7 years ago

The UK saw the return of strong winds this weekend! Check out this edit where a group of mates head out very overpowered in Cornwall....

8 years ago

The Wiz Mount has been around for a while now, it provides some interesting angles but equally it does involve strapping on a backpack and...