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3 months ago

On 05/01/2023, Cohan Van Dijk from the Netherlands took the double win at the Big Air Kite League final event for the 022/023 season in…

3 months ago

BIG NEWS! Founder 'Get High with Mike' just sold the Big Air Kite League and hired a professional team to travel to each spot securing…

5 months ago

In case you missed it, the BAKL's final stop in Cape Town was mental, and everyone went MASSIVE! Steven Akkersdijk filmed the riders to analyse…

5 months ago

Hold onto your hats because Evan Klijn is going BIG - High loops, short lines, and even competing at the BAKL. Grab a seat, and…

5 months ago

Watch the final stop of the BAKL action live!

9 months ago

Tune in as the SpaceX Kitesurfing crew interview some riders from the Tatajubafest in Brazil about their strategy, competitors and favourite Acai toppings.

1 year ago

Despite tearing her ACL during the Full Power Tarifa women's final, Pippa van Iersel remained positive standing on that podium. Wishing you a speedy recovery,…

1 year ago

What a comeback! After being off the water for months due to her knee injury, Pippa hit the ground running at Lord of Tram! Congrats…

1 year ago

16-year-old Lorenzo Casati has claimed his spot on the podium at BAKL, Spanish Championships and Cold Hawaii Games - and we cant wait to see…