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1 week ago

In case you missed it, the BAKL's final stop in Cape Town was mental, and everyone went MASSIVE! Steven Akkersdijk filmed the riders to analyse…

3 weeks ago

Hold onto your hats because Evan Klijn is going BIG - High loops, short lines, and even competing at the BAKL. Grab a seat, and…

4 weeks ago

Watch the final stop of the BAKL action live!

5 months ago

Tune in as the SpaceX Kitesurfing crew interview some riders from the Tatajubafest in Brazil about their strategy, competitors and favourite Acai toppings.

8 months ago

Despite tearing her ACL during the Full Power Tarifa women's final, Pippa van Iersel remained positive standing on that podium. Wishing you a speedy recovery,…

10 months ago

What a comeback! After being off the water for months due to her knee injury, Pippa hit the ground running at Lord of Tram! Congrats…

11 months ago

16-year-old Lorenzo Casati has claimed his spot on the podium at BAKL, Spanish Championships and Cold Hawaii Games - and we cant wait to see…

12 months ago

Pippa van Iersel's recent injury kept her from competing in the Big Air Kite League stop in Cape Town, but that didn't keep her from…

12 months ago

The Cape Doctor delivered at last, and the final instalment of our 5-stop tour took place in Cape Town, South Africa, with 33 riders from…