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9 months ago

Crank up the volume, and get this one on a big screen! Delphine and Bertrand Beauchet Macaire are back from Mauritius, and just dropped their latest…

10 months ago

Delphine Beauchet Macaire and Bertrand Beauchet set sail for Mauritius! They took full advantage of almost deserted spots, warms waters, and incredible weather - Stunning…

3 years ago

Join Bertrand Beauchet as he kites, surfs & SUPs in the Phillipines, Peru and France. This inspiring edit gives a glimpse of Bertrand's 2016 season! Installez…

4 years ago

Join Bertrand Beauchet as he chases incredible waves in Perù with his Slingshot Wave SST and Screamer 5'6. This is another one of those edits that'll have you…

4 years ago

Take a look at this cool drone footage where Bertrand Beauchet kitesurfs down narrow marshlands! There aren't many places where you do this without getting…

4 years ago

Take a look at this entertaining film from Bertrand Beauchet in South France. Impressive strapless airs, basking sharks and a hilarious crash to watch out…

5 years ago

Strapless or booted. It's awesome to get back on the water after an injury, so we know how Bertrand feels. He's keen to ride and…

6 years ago

Bertrand Beauchet is a man who knows whats what, he has the exact same board set up as me right now! The awesome Slingshot T-Rex…

6 years ago

Check out Delphine Macaire riding in the South of France, looking at the location we could have sworn this was shot in Brazil, it just…


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