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2 weeks ago

Risk it for the biscuit!

4 weeks ago

Baptiste Bourdoulous making heads turn!

1 month ago

Capetown calling! Dive into two weeks of adventure with Baptiste Bourdoulous and Aris Agianoukos behind the camera. What a country!

2 months ago

Best Kitesurfing Brand of 2023 CORE Kiteboarding rocked it and came out on top as the Best Kitesurfing Brand of 2023! In a tight competition...

4 months ago

Join the talented Baptiste Bourdoulous as he returns to his summer playground, where years of training have honed his skills to perfection. This year, Baptiste...

4 months ago

After finishing his initial video on Mykonos Island, Baptiste decided to head back to his homeland of Lefkada! Situated on the western coast of Greece,...

7 months ago

All adventures start somewhere, and what better way to start than the Island of Winds! Baptiste has been coming to Mykonos for years to train;...

7 months ago

1 Baptiste Bourdoulous grabbing a drink in Mykonos!

3 years ago

A sunny winter session in this lagoon looks pretty appealing! Here's some smooth moves from Baptiste Bourdoulous.