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5 years ago

Najib Gomez gets some incredible drone footage of Petr Pechi Pechacek while foiling on Aruba's turquoise waters!

5 years ago

16-year-old Timmy Zach, showing off his home spot in Aruba. This edit has got us wanting to book some flights!

6 years ago

Tangled lines, failed beach starts, poor body dragging & mega crashes. These 'everyday' kite mistakes that instructors in Aruba see are just brilliant. Watch it!...

7 years ago

This kitesurf edit has come from a drone racer! He flies through the lines and does all sorts of mad stuff..impressive! I Met up with...

8 years ago

Join Ben Beholz as he kitesurfs the paradise that is Aruba. With its exceedingly clear water and steady winds it may just be a place to...

11 years ago

A cool short edit from this talented young rider, who shows us a little slice of kiting in Aruba. Hendrick Burgers showing us a bit...