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3 weeks ago

Watch Arthur Guillebert on The Commander; Eleveights flagship board dedicated to freestyle! Innovative with ultra-durable construction, perfected to pop out of the water with ease…

1 month ago

Game of 'Kite' bonus event! Pippa van Iersel and Liam Whaley combined their skills, prevailing over six other teams to win the supersession. As the…

1 month ago

Third time lucky for teenage Colombian Val Rodriguez for his First win! The lagoon in front of Dakhla Attitude threw up some huge news today…

2 months ago

Tee'd up for a big day on Monday! A much stronger wind was blowing early this morning, and the first men’s Freestyle heats were on…

3 months ago

Staggering loops, radical freestyle tricks, and explosive boosts – these are the key features embedded into the DNA of their iconic FSeries kite. Eleveight tailored…

4 months ago

Just in case you missed the action, we've got you covered! For the final day of the GKA Freestyle World Cup in Fuerteventura, it was…

4 months ago

Here are the highlights of the 2019 GKA Freestyle World Cup & Big Air Invitational. Enjoy!

4 months ago

One last blast in the Best Trick competition on Day Five in Fuerteventura! It was the last day of the event today in Sotavento at…

4 months ago

After a couple of false starts due to changeable conditions, the main event got underway at 12:30 today. The riders had seven trick attempts available,…


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