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7 months ago

Chasing sunsets with Arild Kristiansen in Hanstholm, Denmark!

8 months ago

Spring is in full swing in Sweden and Jacob Victorin and Arild Kristiansen are enjoying every second of it, putting the new F-ONE Bandit S4…

2 years ago

F-ONE's new Bandit S3 has arrived, and the Swedish crew, Jacob Victorin and Arild Kristiansen are putting it through its passes. Paired with the new…

3 years ago

What a great feeling to whiz up and down the mountain with a kite and rip powder with good friends. Experience snowkite heaven in Sweden…

3 years ago

It's not the first place that comes to mind when we think of epic December wave sessions, but the F-ONE Sweden team made this backyard…

5 years ago

Cape Town is one of Arild Kristiansen's all-time favourite playgrounds, and he has a toy to play with for every condition; watch this! Nothing beats…

5 years ago

Arild Kristiansen gets in a sweet session in Dalen, Sweden. Testing out the new Mitu Flex 2019 and Bandit (6m), he wasn't disappointed!

5 years ago

It's almost time Cape Town season and strapless rider Arild Kristiansen knows how to get us excited! Check out this out but you might just…

8 years ago

Bali is a famous surfing destination but lesser known for it's kitesurfing. Watch asĀ Arild Kristiansen, Jacob Victorin andĀ Dean Faclier find some firing conditions as they…