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2 years ago

Get in close at One Eye! Alexandre Tulet shares footage from his training for the GKA in Mauritius. Even from the perspective of the GoPro…

3 years ago

Here is an epic 5 minute edit of the best kiteboarding videos of 2017 so far. It's only been a month but a lot has happened!…

3 years ago

Join youngster Alexandre Tulet as he hits the water to practice strapless tricks in Mauritius. We hope he realises how lucky he is to grow up…

3 years ago

This young ripper Alexandre Tulet is literally living the dream out in Mauritius! Just look at that wave!!

3 years ago

Yes you heard that right, this young lad gets to kitesurf after school in Mauritius! Not many can say that! We're not sure on their…

3 years ago

Watch as Alexandre Tulet boosts big in Mauritius. Even when the sun isn't shining over there it still looks epic! this sunday the wind was sooooo…

3 years ago

Some big loops from Alexandre Tulet kiting strong winds in Mauritius in this short edit. Good to see the freestyle potential in Mauritius as well as the…

4 years ago

Join youngsters Alexandre Tulet and Axel Bechard as they kite Mauritius! They are part of the F-ONE next generation team and could be big names in the…


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