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10 months ago

More pro tips by Alex Campet; Enjoy the show!

11 months ago

Ladies and gents, the Alex Campet Show!

12 months ago

Learning to kite with Alex Campet! (This is a joke by the way - do not try this, under any circumstances, ever.)

1 year ago

Ladies and gentlemen - The Alex Campet Show!

7 years ago

Alexandre Campet presents this soulful edit, complete with variety, beautiful scenery and a glimpse into van life. Take a look! Our trip in Sardinia was...

7 years ago

More rather hilarious waterski kitesurfing action! This time it is Alex Campet having a go. We really don't think this is going to catch on...

7 years ago

Alex Campet goes big in the flat water spot of Gruissan, South France! Looks like an awesome session! voila deux sessions tranquile sur le spot de...

7 years ago

Alex Campet and his partner travel in South Spain looking for an adventure. Check out their fun filled edit as they explore in their van...

8 years ago

Alex Campet shows off his incredible kicker & slider skills at the Turkish spot Urla! Looks like the ideal place to practice! Quelques passages sur les...