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Safety, comfort, ease of use, and performance are all front of mind when designing a new control bar. With durable and modular parts that are easy to replace, to ensure you and your bar enjoy a longer lifespan. The new Navigator Pro from North is an engineering breakthrough – 20% lighter, 20% stronger, and safer than ever.

“Our team has poured more than 20 years of research, three years of development, and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of on-water testing into this system, redesigning and improving 70% of the 130 parts that go into it,” says Director of Engineering Hugh Pinfold.

The new pro-version of the Navigator is now easier to use and packed full of new features – like the front-line auto untwist. For the smoothest sheeting and most reliable form of auto-unwind, your Depower Main Line and Landing Line now run inside individual tubes made from the highest-quality, durable, wear-resistant TPU and stacked front to back for comfortable, one-handed flying.

“To enable the auto-unwind, we’ve introduced a high-quality custom-made ceramic bearing into the QR handle. The ceramic has a super hard surface so it won’t get damaged by sand; it’s also corrosion-resistant,” says Hugh.

The new Quick Release design helps eliminate accidental releases and reduce accidental unhooking. With its Low-V setup, this bar can be used with just about any kite, any brand. If your kite has a High-V, you must add a High-V Splitter to your front lines.

“I’m also quietly pleased with the exceptional comfort gains we’ve made with our unique new micro-grip compound. We tested it for hours, and it is the most comfortable, grippy and durable solution we’ve ever encountered. The new compound is 3.5x more abrasion-resistant than a regular EVA grip; you’ve still got our unique asymmetric raised finger bar; plus, we’ve stitched the seam internally to protect against peeling and added a textured micro-grip pattern with a dual colour-moulded raised pattern to give you amazing hold. This improved traction is especially noticeable when your bar is wet – in both hot and cold conditions. ”

There is no need to upgrade your lines; the Nav Pro comes complete with strong, ultra-low stretch, and high-load industry-leading quality Liros Dyneema SK99 lines, made in Germany, for less parasitic drag and uncompromised direct performance. 01.55mm Front Lines and 01.33mm Rear Lines prevent uneven shrinkage.

No longer having to “navigate” the centre line twist gives me one less component to worry about, particularly in nuking wind. And the grip is a lifesaver – mainly when hanging on at the end of a gnarly 40-knot session. I’ve been waiting for this. – Jett Bradshaw

The new design and functionality make it perfect for trying new things – I’m even more thirsty to send it to the moon! – Josue Ferreira

Flysurfer Era

Win a Flysurfer Era this issue in our FREE subscriber prize draw.

Flysurfer Era


Sizes: M (45-50cm), L (50-55cm)

Includes: Control Bar, Quick Release with Security Finger, 12+10m SK99 Dyneema Pro Lines

(01.55mm Front Lines, 01.33mm Rear Lines), Pro Freeride Loop, Standard Leash (Pro)


  1. Front-line auto-unwind
  2. 20% lighter and 20% stronger
  3. Safest single-action reload QR
  4. New highest quality SK99 Dyneema Pro Lines
  5. Max-traction comfort grip
  6. Modular Toolless InterLoop system
  7. Universally compatible with any kite*
  8. Smoother trimming action
  9. Super wear-resistant
  10. Nautical colour coding
  11. Eliminates accidental release
  12. Reduces accidental unhooking

Head over to North Kiteboarding to find out more.

Thu 7th Mar, 2024 @ 9:00 pm


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