Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

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Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

Discover the secrets of F-ONE’s kite design!

The shape, nature and retention of this profile will be one of the most decisive factors to whether you’ll have an intuitive or disturbing ride. Most of it comes down to the draft.

Look at the profile; now spot the area with the most camber. Thats where the wind power will be the most concentrated. This is the DRAFT.
Our kites are designed to keep the draft in the front, towards the leading edge. Conserving the wind power in the front drives the kite forward, leading to many benefits like more stability, speed, comfort, less harness/arms pull, and improved wind range.

If the draft slides back towards the trailing edge, the kite becomes unstable, lacks performance, pulls hard into the harness, loses its depower potential And thus creating a lot of disturbances for the user.
A strong wind gust, an abrupt move from the user or a powerful kite loop are all forces that tend to deform the kite’s original shape. The only way to ensure that this draft stays where we designed it to stay is through proper load management, achieved by sail engineering.

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Tue 6th Dec, 2022 @ 12:00 am

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