A new Kitelement e-shop is in the works, but the season won’t wait, so you can pre-order a split kiteboard from the new collection now!

What’s new?

The main novelty of the new collection is an improved joint, where there is a new composition of the materials used. The centre of the board thus received more flex, thanks to which the driving characteristics were improved, and the possible load was significantly over-dimensioned. With the model series, we follow up on our previous collection and also keep the same number of sizes.

re form

All our split kiteboards are fitted with the new Re form binding model. Super comfortable binding with incredible support and foot fixation during the ride. Thanks to the new pad solution, it is possible to move the pad forwards and backwards and adjust the rotation as needed. Thanks to two straps, the straps enable precise fixation of the instep.

re solve

This model remains, like its predecessor, an ideal choice for more advanced riders who want to advance their freestyle skills.

re volt

This is a very versatile board that will satisfy the majority of riders. The wider tips compared to the Re solve offer more support; it is easier to bounce and offers better upwind abilities.

re venge

A unique lightwind board thanks to its X shape and narrower centre the board, provides perfect controllability even when the wind gets stronger.

Pre-order Price

As part of this pre-order, we offer you a special price and free shipping!

749 € with VAT(EU delivery)
619 € without VAT (delivery outside the EU)

(incl. split kiteboard, pads, straps, handle, fins)

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Tue 6th Sep, 2022 @ 9:00 am


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