We’ve been waiting for this one! Matt Maxwell was born into a family of ocean lovers and it was only a matter of time before Matt would discover his passion for kiteboarding, foiling, SUP, and wingsurfing. Premiering for the first time, watch his latest FULL MOVIE – ‘Slightly Off’.

“I have always been ‘Slightly Off’ from the norm… Growing up, my friends were all inspired by fancy cars, skateboards and soccer players, but I never quite found my passion until I discovered the ocean. Even then, surfing didn’t quite hook me until much later on, and I seemed to find my feet through all sorts of less conventional water sports like canoeing, stand up paddling, and then later, kitesurfing.

When F-ONE came into my life, I developed my stand-up paddling and kitesurfing under one roof and was later introduced into the world of foiling and now even wing foiling. With the pace that the world of water sports is developing, I feel pretty lucky to be a part of it all. However, the title “Slightly Off” refers to more than just my character. T

his short film was filmed during really strange times. We had big plans to film all summer long, but our summer season in Cape Town was a little different this year. Covid decided that it wasn’t going anywhere, and as riders, we had to get super creative to get out on the water. There were many days where the beaches were closed, and we had to either sit and wait it out or make the missions up and down the coast to find loopholes and spots where the police were more lenient. I even got COVID myself at one point. Still, nevertheless, we covered everything from foiling and stand-up paddling in the cold waters of our west coast to down winding in the infamously sharky False Bay to kiting and surfing in the warmer waters of our east coast.

Although this season was “Slightly Off”, it undoubtedly forced me out of my comfort zone, opened my eyes and gave me a new-found appreciation for the place that I get to call home.” – Matt Maxwell

Filmed & Edited by Nomadic Sea

Tue 1st Jun, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

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