A fixture in the park riding community, Ramiro Gallart has been keeping busy in Brazil. The latest edit from Knot Future, Father Ocean, is a mesmerising display of Rami’s style and flexibility when reaching for even the most challenging grabs, all set to the stunning backdrop of Brazil’s lagoons. With Liquid Force slowly – and sadly – fading into the past, we’re excited to see what’s to come in the future for this talented Argentinian rider!

“Father Ocean. about the song and the name, it’s kind of a big mix of things. first, it was a track we had been listing quite a bunch, we got really into it and then all the reflection and association process came. it felt somehow that with all this quarantine we lost a bit of the track and we just start following just the sun (as a metaphor of something that’s good but can blind you) being back in brazil and getting free of this covid mindset felt like starting to see again. In the same line of thought comes the name that it’s kind of a tribute to the ocean that we had been pushed away from it all this year and finally in brazil we met again. you for sure get what I’m talking about its this energy that nothing else gives you, in brazil this year I hear a lot; água salgada limpa a alma; (salty water cleans the soul) and it feels quite true to me.” —Rami

Thanks to Lucas Reddel, Lucas Muzio, Manel Arpa and Mora Gallart for shooting.

Sat 19th Dec, 2020 @ 9:00 pm

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