Effortless chop handling, amazing carving, perfect edge control and never a drop in your eye – 8 years later and winner of multiple “Board of the Year” awards, the Monk is living proof that in a world of compromises there is still something special and unique to be found!

After years of tweaking, fettling and honing, we feel we’ve grasped better than ever all the features that made this the most loved freeride board in the world. Grippier, slashier, speedier… how much more fun can you have? If your idea of kiteboarding is ripping, gouging and all-around, high-speed fun then look no further. The ultimate board that revels in all conditions and somewhat ironically improves exponentially as the conditions deteriorate – when it comes to outright enjoyment, no matter what, no other board even comes close.

Bi-lateral tip flex, constant curve rocker, Squoval 3 mould shaping…. Does it really matter? We packed in all the technology you need…. kiteboarding is about freedom and non-conformism, The Monk Mental will let you ride how you feel and feel how you ride and don’t let anyone tell you there is any other way.

Tue 4th Dec, 2018 @ 9:00 am

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