The Eclipse project three years ago. The idea was to increase the rigidity of our frame concept which would allow for better support of the back and a lower fit. Our product development process is always the same: Build a prototype, give it some water-time, re-design it and build another one, until it feels perfect in every condition.


Adaptive Shell

The Adaptive Shell stiffness shades from hard in the centre area to softer on the edges. The stiff centre-belt prevents the harness from folding and compressing your body while preserving a good lumbar support. The softer outline preserves intuitive mobility and adaptability. It results in a shell that is forgiving where you need flex and stiff where you want to support.

Gel Foam

The gel foam disperses pressure evenly & efficiently to provide a “pillow comfort”, much appreciated during long sessions. It creates a different sense of feeling while riding as it moves along with your movements, therefore the contact with the harness is more intuitive and it prevents any rash or rubbing discomfort.

Down Hold System

Because there’s nothing worse than a harness that rides up during your sessions, we developed the Down hold system, an asymmetrical attachment that distributes the forces downward. Secured in its original position, the hook does not ride back up.

Tuck Flap

The Tuck Flaps further assist the Down hold system using the flaps positioned on the ends of the spreader bar and inserted into the harness. Once the straps are tightened, they are compressed and locked. By stiffening the connection between the harness and the buckle, they prevent it from riding up.

Spreader Bar System

We wanted to avoid unpleasant lateral contraction of the harness on the chest, which is why we adapt our spreader bar to harness sizes. A well-suited spreader bar will pull along both sides of the harness, while a spreader bar that is too small will pull with an acute angle, putting pressure on the rider and causing troublesome pain.

T H E   T O U C H   O F   A   S H A D O W

T H E   S U P P O R T   O F   A   S H E L L

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