Test your limits and prove your strength by completing this multi-discipline charity race. The money raised at Kite SUP Run will be donated to Virgin Unite and the Armada Trust – which will fund the 2018 Kite & SUP Youth Tour for kids who have never had the chance to try these sports. The 2018 Kite & SUP Youth Tour will have 8 stops across the UK.

Kite SUP Run will place this Saturday, Sept. 30, 2018. Continue reading to find out more and, if you’re in the area, join the fun! News provided by Armada Events.

It isn’t long until the first-ever Kite SUP Run event, that will take place on the 30th of September for the Armada Trust. Thank you to everyone who has confirmed they are coming to Hayling for the event. It’s going to be great fun. Thank you to all our fantastic sponsors and supporters too.

So some more information for the day:
1. Registration is at 10am, with a first possible start at 10.45am – please don’t be late! Park at the car park up by the Golf Club end and head for the gazebo to check in!

2. The course. We are trying to give ourselves the best possible chance of running all three legs, Kite SUP and Run…so we need a bit of wind, and we need a flatter more protected area of water for SUPing in case it gets really windy. Please see the course we are currently planning below. It does mean we have a slightly longer run at around 2 miles rather than 1 – but this means we can get round to the protected waters behind the RNLI station for the SUP. It’s a lovely run along the beach – and you can take it easy and walk bits if you need to so don’t worry!

3. Timing. Obviously we need some wind to get us started, so please keep in mind we may be waiting to get going if it looks like the wind is coming through a little later in the day. We will share Windguru forecasts and likely start times in the days running up to the event, of course. Keep the day free if you can!

4. Thank you to everyone who is fundraising – there are some very cool prizes and trophies up for grabs for our top fundraisers and, of course, every penny raised is appreciated so please do send out your fundraising pages and keep going! If everyone reaches their £100 target we will add a lot to the total raised. And for those of you who have already smashed your target – please keep going, the Bespoke Liquid Force Board, Snugs Earphones and Ellis Brigham Vouchers are awaiting our top fundraisers! There are also prizes and awards for fancy dress so we are looking forward to seeing some awesome costumes on the course.

5. Please note the deadline for your £100 fundraising target is Friday, September 29th at 4pm! Thank you.

6. A few quick logistics points. There will be full details in due course – but for those who are wondering how you get back from the end of the SUP leg, transport will be provided back to your cars. Your kites will also be packed up for you at the end of the kite leg and taken back to the start area for when you arrive. You will need to drop your trainers off at registration and we will make sure they are ready for you at the start of your run. It will be a like a well-oiled machine I am sure!

7. Inn on the Beach will be hosting after event beers at whatever time we finish. Should be fun!

If anyone is bringing anyone to watch who could volunteer – that would help a lot! And thank you to Tony from The SUP Co for all the SUP’s and Chris and Rose from CBK for planning support!

Armada Events

Thu 28th Sep, 2017 @ 12:00 am

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