Jumping off a haunted shipwreck seems like a decent afternoon adventure. We are glad to see this intrepid thrill seeker follow this mission through to completion. Check it out!

I think the ship is haunted, my first trip out my camera had an overheating malfunction and shut off just as I got on the ship. The second trip I’m pretty sure a ghost changed my camera settings and all I got was some weird time lapse shots… ok I put it on the wrong setting, but I had to go all the way back out to the damn thing and climb up again. Third time is not usually a charm for me so I was spooked going back out. I brought a backup cam this time for a second angle, but the housing leaked and killed that one. The wind had now changed direction making the climb up much sketchier, but a little butter on the downwind side and the line mount cam worked just long enough. Riding Cabrinha kites, NP surf gear and Mobekitwear, Shooting GoPro Hero 5, when it works! Sorting Dakine harness and using Ikitesurf.com to figure the wind direction.

Sat 12th Aug, 2017 @ 9:00 am

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