We’re stoked to announce that Issue 59 of the World’s Number One Kitesurfing Magazine has just launched, it’s quite possibly the biggest one we’ve ever done! There are 250 pages packed with stories, videos and images from around the world of kitesurfing!

Check it out here: http://www.iksurfmag.com/issue59/?Cover

First up, in a beautiful feature, the Manera crew head to Iceland to test out their winter range, it’s a place where nature is vast, the icebergs are everywhere, and you need to wrap up warm! Then, in one of our biggest features ever we take a look at The Real Game Changer. After all the marketing efforts of various brands over the last few months, we ask the designers and visionaries the questions you posted on social media. Some of the answers are very telling; you can decide for yourself who is really pushing the sport forwards. Sukie Robertson has an excellent feature on getting kids into kitesurfing; it’s a must-read for anyone who has ever wondered about sharing this great sport with someone smaller than them!

We’ve also got Coleman Buckley the founder of Ride Engine in our Ten Questions feature and Sensi Graves takes a look at the groundbreaking success of the Kite Park League in its inaugural year! With a huge test, loads of technique and lots more inside there is plenty to keep you entertained, so check it out, and as ever, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Be sure to check it out now!

Tue 18th Oct, 2016 @ 12:10 pm

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