The best kept secret in kiteboarding is finally out! I first saw this bar 5 years ago, the final prototypes were finished about two years ago, North then underwent a vigorous testing program before releasing this product to market. Somehow despite lots of journalists and dealers knowing about it for some time they have kept it a secret. Until now! Find out all about the new North Click Bar in this clip with Sky Solbach.

We’ve got one on test, and have extensively for the last couple of weeks, we can say it is a very clever piece of kit, and our favourite bar in the test box at the moment… Only time will tell on the durability, but the fact that North had this ready to release two years ago, but didn’t as they wanted to real world test it with their pro riders says something about how much they were keen to make sure the product was perfect before it went to market…

Tue 23rd Aug, 2016 @ 12:48 pm

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