If you haven’t heard about the North Rebel then you must’ve been living under a rock… It is perhaps the most popular kite of all time. North have just released the Rebel 2016 and it’s sure to be just as successful as it’s predecessors. Check out their product clip to find out all the juicy gossip on what’s new this year.

The North Kiteboarding Rebel 2016. Since many years the most sold kite worldwide and creator of its own kite category, the high performance freeride kites. The Rebel is the ultimate freeride kite and jumping machine, with thousands of riders worldwide enjoying its amazing performance, the huge depower and the incredible long and high jumps. The loaded 5th line offers amazing depower and unparalleled sheet and go power delivery. Watch the clip and see for yourself if you really should not know yet!

Tue 4th Aug, 2015 @ 7:00 pm


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