Russia might just be the new kiteboarding Mecca of the East. Extreme sports seem to have taken a huge foothold with the Nouveau Riche and they are churning out serious riding talent. We catch up with Artem Garashchenko representative at his favourite kiteboarding spot.

“For me 2014 was very busy in terms of many competitions and events. But sometimes my friends and I found a little time to filming. Despite my trips around the world, almost all of the footage was shot in the Russian kiteboarding mecca – Blaga!”

SUPPORT: North Kiteboarding, Quiksilver, UBA.

CAMERA: Dmitry Anisin, Anton Cherkashin, Alexandr Antonov, Nikita Krutenkov (Nikryt)

EDIT: Artem Garashchenko

MUSIC: Data Romance – Elements, Kasabian – Fast Fuse


Tue 27th Jan, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

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