Don’t let the opening credits and shots of Miss Whiteley covered head to toe in mud give you the wrong impression, this is a serious edit. There’s no mud wrestling in here, just some quality riding from three very talented kiters, carefully wrapped up with some art-house stylings from the crew at Broken Head Film. To be honest, there’s a more than a touch of Spaghetti Western about the whole thing!

“Starring the talented Blade team riders – Hendrick Burgers and Sivan Oz and guest-starring the amazing Hannah Whiteley… Radical thanks to Yaron Barlev @ Blade for such amazing support and patience and also to the three riders for letting us drag you in the swamp mud for days…. Love you….Massive thanks to everyone involved! Peace, love and smash it harder from Radical Kitesurf!

Another ART project by Broken Head Film, DOP: Zoya Klientova. Produced by Radical Kitesurf and Blade Kiteboarding. Massive thanks to Enrico Van De Lar. Directed by Mark Bristol.”

Music: Rolling Stones – ‘Paint It Black

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Wed 28th Jan, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

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