We had the results last week but here’s the round-up video from the event. We’ll be penciling it into our schedule for next season for sure. It looks like it was the perfect combination of top flight kitesurfing competitions and first grade entertainment. We think we need more events like this in Europe.

BeeCamp/RAIL MASTERS 2014 final results
1st place – Eric Rienstra
2d place – James Boulding
3rd place – Craig Cunningham
4th place – Tobi Holter
5th place – Artem Garaschenko
6th place – Sergey Belmesov
Best trick on the kicker – Jake Kelsick
Best trick on a slider – James Boulding

Camera – Konstantin Bobovik, Alex Dorinov, Alex Khrulev, Tobi Helter, Sergey Roy, Nikita Nikryt.
Edit – Konstantin Bobovik.
Motion graphic – Lena Nogami.
Music – Monkey3 – Bimbo.

Thu 4th Sep, 2014 @ 9:01 am

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