North Kiteboarding have been at the top of their game for many years now. With a strong team and great quality kit, it’s no wonder North are one of the most popular brands. 2017 is no different with the entire range looking sharp and snazzy, and this year releasing the much talked about clicker bar, which even has its own website and a board you can draw on and design yourself! Madness! Let’s take a look at the much anticipated 2017 North Kiteboarding range!

Click Bar

  • New trim unit
  • Depower and power at the flick of a switch
  • Trim unit safely and easily accessible/ reachable in any situation
  • Offering new possibilities when using the trim unit: drop into a wave and depower
  • Delivered as adjustable 4 line set up from 22m to 24m
  • Bar width 49CM
  • Upgradeable from 4 to 5 lines within one minute (optional 5th element upgrade kit)
  • Compatible with most competitor kites
  • Adjustable v of front lines

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5th Element

Whether you’re pushing the limits or taking those first steps into the sport, you need to know that your gear’s got your back. Introducing the 2017 5th Element Trust Bar, a product where safety and control meet performance and reliability. Incorporating the patented Iron Heart IV safety system, its performance is unmatched. Relaunch, depower, release and recover, whatever your demands the 5th Element reacts instantly as well as having a phenomenal ability to absorb gusts, and deliver an outstanding short bar stroke when depowered. There’s no task too big, wind too strong or safety situation that can’t be effortlessly dealt with, and that’s why riders across the globe look no further than the 5th Element bar.

SIZES: 19 / 22 / 24 / 27

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Quad Control

Presenting the 2017 Quad Control bar. Identical in design to the 5th Element bar, it’s best suited to 4 line kite models where the front line safety setup is steadfast. When released – via the Iron Heart IV – the Quad Control ensures that the kite rests powerless on the water at the edge of the wind window, allowing you time to gather yourself safely before relaunching. With a flowing feel, the Quad Control is responsive, straightforward and reliable.

SIZES: 19 / 22 / 24 / 27

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Wakestyle Bar

  • Developed by the freestyle/wakestyle team
  • 5 lines with low v
  • Maximum power release delay
  • More slack and pop
  • Includes Hadlow setup conversion kit
  • Extra narrow bar width (42 cm)
  • Single depower line
  • Bigger chicken loop

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Tue 10th Jan, 2017 @ 3:00 am

By Georgina Monti
Georgina Monti is an enthusiastic kitesurfer from England, who spends most of her time escaping to the Caribbean for the perfect wind and waves.

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