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6 days ago

Kevin Schulz warming up in the #CompX #XcelWetsuits @kevin_schulz

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1 week ago

Go watch ‘Pterygium’ by North Shore team rider Schuyler Allen @skyallen, https://www.xcelwetsuits.com/whats-new/post/sky-allen-pterygium

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2 weeks ago

Congrats to our Xcel team riders Albee Layer and Natxo Gonzalez for their 2019 WSL Big Wave Award nominations!

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Xcel shared a post.
1 month ago
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2 months ago

These Norwegians are making surfboards out of ice... in their Xcel wetsutis of course. Check it out in the video below.

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2 months ago

"Nothing in life will ever feel like that"... make sure to watch to the very end to see Will Smith face his fears and dive with sharks in his Xcel Wetsuit.

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2 months ago

Xcel team diver Rainer from Expert Tours talks about the unimaginable moment when he was almost swallowed by a whale:

“I was swimming and filming Sardines and Dusky sharks feeding on them. Suddenly the whole world around me got dark and I felt enormous pressure around my waist, in the area where my weight belt was situated and I knew instantly what had happened – a Brydes Whale had accidentally included me in it’s mouth with it’s meal of the day... [...]
Gripping my precious Seacam Underwater Housing which, along with the buoyancy of my Xcel dive suit, dragged me up to the surface. Surfacing I took a deep welcome breath, connected with the other snorkelers who, at that point had no clue what had just happened and searched for the Expert Tours Vessel with my wife, Silke, on it."

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Xcel updated their cover photo.
7 months ago
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Company overview
Born and bred on Oahu's North Shore, Xcel is a core wetsuit brand delivering premium wetsuit technology, accessories, sun protection, and more since 1982.

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2 years ago | 11:05

Check out this 10 minute edit from Marek Rowinski filmed in Pranburi, Thailand and Gokova, Turkey. It sums up Marek's 2016 season. Training in these excellent locations…

3 years ago

Mads Wollesen has had an action packed year! It seems as though he has spent most of his time going sideways on a kite/wake/skate board…

3 years ago | 03:29

Warning! Watching this edit is not good for your bank balance!! Lasse Schneppenheim shows us just how good Western Australia is for kiting! Returning to this…

4 years ago | 00:57

Take a minute to see what the central coast of California has to offer. Pike Harris looks as though he's having a great time on his…

5 years ago | 03:26

On the road. Linus toured and trained hard this year and that helped him to bring home the German Championships at the tender age of…

5 years ago

How do you describe the indescribable? We could say we were blown away by the drag racing, struck dumb by the facial hair extravaganza or…

5 years ago

Sneakers on! These boys showcase some impressive skills riding a wakeskate...and the crashes that come with learning them... The kiteskate lab present to you the…

5 years ago | 03:18

Linus Erdmann tries to play it cool, but can't help but crack a smile... Most likely as he's in Tarifa and scoring some warmer water…

6 years ago | 04:51

If you haven't seen this yet, it is definitely worth a look, Mads Wollesen, Finn Behrens and Philipp Kolbe cruise through Denmark looking for some…

6 years ago | 03:16

Torben Klusemann knows whats up, while half the world went to Cape Town he went to Tarifa for the winter knowing it would be empty.…

Issue 65

We have a new “How To Ride” series featuring some of the best spots on the planet, giving you the details you need to survive a session there. In our first edition, local hero Dom Moore takes on the most dangerous launch spot in Northern Europe and possibly the world to kite Porthleven!

2 years ago
Issue 61

Mads Wollesen and Finn Behrens finally get to ride the kicker they built a while back, but they had to hijack it to make it happen!

2 years ago
Issue 55

MadsWollesen and his buddies head to Denmark in search of conditions that would make Brazil envious, they find them and score big time!

3 years ago

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