Best Kitesurfing Video of 2015

Best Kitesurfing Video of 2015

Readers Awards 2015

9 years ago

This is a whole other level of cool, Don Montague has been messing around with kite boats ever since he left his head design position…

1 year ago

If you haven't seen Titouan Galea on his wing before, you are missing out! The F-ONE America team met up on Maui, and Titouan flew…

9 years ago

How's this for a stunning edit from Namibia, Africa. This place is wedged firmly on our bucket list now, whilst the conditions may be fickle,…

8 years ago

It's hard to believe this much carnage can go down on one beach in a couple of weeks! Filmed from the peanut gallery balcony over…

7 years ago

Do you know how to get out of a death loop? Take a look at this interesting and informative video on why it might happen…

8 years ago

Bone jarring, arm wrenching, neck twisting, ankle breaking, crash after crash after crash. There's nothing like seeing someone else wipe out to make you feel…

6 years ago

How low does that kite go? Looks like Philipp Zach has everything on lock down, arguably the maddest kiteloop you will see this week! One of…

7 years ago

Can you do a deep water packdown? This is an essential technique for ALL kitesurfers incase the wind drops or you snap a line.. In…

2 years ago

It's like something out of Point Break, but with foils! Here's an epic wave session from the crew at F-ONE, when Belharra woke up and…

8 years ago

Everyone loves a wipeout, but all to often in the movies the camera cuts just as things get tough... Thankfully here is a clip featuring…

6 years ago

The classic kitesurfer vs footballer edit. Who is tougher? I think you know the answer already... Some epic crashes in this one!

9 years ago

Possibly the worst kiteloop crash you'll ever see. Stupid, yes, lesson learned, yes, did he survive, just! The guy was pretty beat up and had…

6 years ago

Shut up and take our money! How cool does this look? Meet the new Jetfoil, the brainchild of legendary kite designer Don Montague who was…

8 years ago

Is this the maddest thing you have seen all week? We heard a rumour about this last week, then saw some images and we've been…

7 years ago

You just HAVE to watch this video! Only yesterday Maui's finest watermen including Kai Lenny, Jesse Richman, Robby Naish and the Porchella brothers took on Jaws with all…

8 years ago

Megaloop gone wrong. There's no easy way to say it, this is the biggest butt-check we've ever seen. It's a 40 foot salt water enema,…

7 years ago

It's a kiters worst nightmare, that moment when you crash your kite and it gets tangled and starts to deathloop... Some of the worst kite…

7 years ago

Wipeout! There's a whole host of crashes to feast your eyes upon in this compilation. Barrelling waves, rails and speed event crashes. Check it out!

4 years ago

This is MENTAL, even for Jesse Richman! Pro kiteboarder, Jesse Richman, attempts to snowkite in an element that he's not used to. What could possibly go…

7 years ago

Jeremie Tronet shows you what not to do when kiteboarding... A rather cringe worthy video but he does make some good points! After spending some…

5 years ago

57.97 knots is completely ridiculous! You all NEED to see this edit if you haven't yet.


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