Best Kitesurfing Video of 2014

Best Kitesurfing Video of 2014

Readers Awards 2014

9 years ago

A stunning edit filmed in Namibia by David Romeu, they were unlucky with the conditions and didn’t get much time on the water due to…

9 years ago

Jeremie Eloy was the winner of last year’s competition, and he came back in 2014 with this amazing edit showcasing the wonderful country of Australia.…

9 years ago

This might be filmed exclusively on GoPro’s but it just goes to show how great a movie can be when you have a solid eye…

9 years ago

With the huge signing of Aaron Hadlow this year it was only a matter of time before North Kiteboarding released a full edit showcasing his…

9 years ago

Patrick Wieland is an extremely talented filmmaker and Mauricio Abreu backs this movie up as the producer. Alex Fox and Sam Light provide the action…

9 years ago

When the Best Team dropped this edit it didn’t just showcase the amazing variety of conditions their riders enjoy in Portugal. It showed us just…

9 years ago

When you have the likes of Red Bull filming an event, it’s quite hard to stand out, yet Koen van Herk did just that. He…

9 years ago

If there is one thing we like to see more than anything else, it’s girls ripping in a video as opposed to being a teenagers…

9 years ago

With four of the best riders on the planet this edit is far too short for my liking! Join Eric Rienstra, Craig Cunningham, Sam Medysky…

9 years ago

When Raphael Salles and the team from F-One make a video, you know it is going to be good! Filmed over a month long period…

9 years ago

Tom Court was the driving force behind this project, backed up by Sam Light, James Boulding and Aaron Hadlow the movie follows the crew around…

5 years ago

This kid is mad and we love him for it! Janek Grzegotzewski is back in Tarifa and throwing in some sick loops and crashes, watch…


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Kitesurfing Awards - Best Kitesurfing Brand of 2014
Best Kitesurfing Brand of 2014

Pure and simple, which is the best brand out there, who produces the best kites, boards and does a lot for the sport. Think about customer service, brand presence, team riders as well as the actual product they produce too.

Kitesurfing Awards - Best Male Kitesurfer of 2014
Best Male Kitesurfer of 2014

For 2014 we have selected Christophe for his impressive performance on the PKRA, Sam Light for winning the Triple S and Kevin Langeree for taking the King Of The Air title. We also have two wild card places; Mitu Monterio gets a nod for his relentless devotion to wave riding and the huge waves he rode at Teahupoo. Aaron Hadlow…

Kitesurfing Awards - Best Female Kitesurfer of 2014
Best Female Kitesurfer of 2014

For 2014 we have selected the first two ladies from the PKRA World Tour, Karolina and Gisela, plus Colleen who won the Triple S again this year. There are two wildcard places, Steph Bridge gets a nod for being a fantastic ambassador for the sport, amazing coach and also still being impressive on the racing scene. Jalou Langeree takes the…

Kitesurfing Awards - Best Kite Manufacturer of 2014
Best Kite Manufacturer of 2014

We have tweaked the “Best Kite” award this year; it’s always so tough with so many kites out there. For 2014 we want you to vote for who you think is the best brand at producing kites. We want you to think about build quality, range, performance, and the kite bars as well when considering your vote.

Kitesurfing Awards - Best Board Manufacturer of 2014
Best Board Manufacturer of 2014

Once again we have tweaked this category for 2014, we are looking for the best brand at producing boards. Think about construction, shapes, range and performance when you cast your vote, which brand out there deserves this accolade this year?

Kitesurfing Awards - Best Kitesurfing Accessories Brand of 2014
Best Kitesurfing Accessories Brand of 2014

We have all the major accessories brands here, so who does make the best wetsuits and harnesses? Which is the best brand when you need some new rubber or some decent support for your lumbar region? Get voting!