Helena Brochocka heads to Isla Blanca located on the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. With the nightlife of Cancun nearby and perfect lagoons with consistent winds she explains why it is her favourite new training ground.

You will find Isla Blanca located on the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The tourist destination of Cancún is nearby, and you can get regular flights from most major airports here. After recovering from a knee injury Liquid Force rider, Helena Brochocka decided to visit and make the most of the summer breezes and flat water the spot has to offer.

Coming back from my ACL injury, I knew I needed to travel to a place that would provide me with the perfect conditions to ease back into freestyle. Comfortable conditions with flat water, light, steady wind, and warm weather were some of the criteria I had in mind; Isla Blanca seemed to tick all the right boxes, so I booked a flight and went to check it out.

Located just over an hour from Cancun Airport, Isla Blanca is a real kiteboarding paradise, a quiet soul asylum away from the busy touristic resorts, and noisy city life of Cancun. It is a place to rest your head, meet great new people, and enjoy long kiteboarding sessions across warm flat-water lagoons. This was my second time in Isla Blanca, and for the second time, I had a fantastic time riding almost every day, and getting my tricks back one by one. During the two trips I’ve had there, Mexico has become one of my favourite freestyle destinations in the world, and my new training ground. I am sure this is a place I will be visiting many more times, and I can’t recommend it to you enough!

Getting There

While finding a good connection from the US is quite easy, Getting to Mexico from Europe can be both tricky and pricey. The best way to get to Isla Blanca is to find a direct charter flight to Cancun International. TUI and Jet Air offer them at decent prices, with connections from most major European cities such as Brussels or Warsaw. From there it’s about two hours drive to get you to the spot. Having a rental car is highly recommended, not only for the commute to and from the beach but also for exploring the area and many attractions it has to offer.

Where to Stay

Ikarus Kiteboarding is one of the very few estates along the peninsula and the only kite school offering accommodation directly at the spot. It is also home for two-times Junior World Champion Anthar Racca, for whom the place serves as a day-to-day training ground, and who’s family runs the school. With only four rooms, Ikarus offers super chilled out, friendly atmosphere, and perfect conditions to practice one’s kiteboarding skills nearly every day of the week.

The Spot

No matter the wind direction, you can always find a place to ride in Cancun area. On a Northern wind, a little beach directly in front of Ikarus is the place to be. On the majority of other days, a three-minute ride upwind will bring you to the breathtaking La Punta, a spot that looks just like a page from a travel catalogue. The conditions are perfect for everyone; beginners will enjoy the steady wind and shallow water which saves a lot of swimming and body dragging, while advanced riders can learn new tricks and keep on crashing without worrying about rocks, trees, or waves. However, most importantly the beautiful setting of La Punta guarantees that every session will be a good one, the scenery is just out of this world!

“Isla Blanca, it is pretty much a perfect spot with flat water and sunshine all year round, I am happy to call it my home spot! The good thing about it is that I have a lot of space to practice my tricks over and over again, without looking for space or waiting for people to pass, which is a good preparation for competitions. My ideal conditions to ride La Punta is on the southeastern wind, which is offshore. The water is flatter and a bit warmer than on the days with northern wind." - Anthar Racca

Where to Eat

Taco trucks are a permanent element of the Mexican landscape. They offer some of the best street food I have ever had - real tacos, nothing like the ones in Europe or Taco Bell.  Not only it is delicious, but they’re also cheap, which is ideal for travellers on a budget. There are several small places to eat on the peninsula, with a bar at Ikarus being one of my favourites. The restaurant offers a selection of traditional Mexican food, from tacos, through quesadillas, or enfrijoladas. You can also choose to have a fresh fish from local fishermen in the huts just a few minutes away.

No Wind Activities

What differentiates Isla Blanca from many other tropical spots, is that even though located in a wild, isolated setting, it still offers the proximity of a big city, with everything that comes with it; restaurants, shops, clubs and many beautiful beaches to discover. Moreover, the area is filled with ancient Mayan ruins, which are open to visitors, with Chichen Itza being the most famous one. These spectacular constructions are worth visiting and are a perfect day trip destination. 

On a hot day, Cenotes, freshwater lakes and caves within the jungle, are the place to be. These incredible natural pools look almost like fancy tropical aquariums for humans. Some of them offer cliff jumping, cave diving, snorkelling, or zip lining, and there is so many of them it is hard to choose! Nearby Playa del Carmen is known for a great variety of bars and restaurants, and crazy parties until the sunrise.

Tulum or Holbox are charming small fishing towns, where time seems to have stood still, and are popular weekend destinations for Cancun locals, as well as foreign travellers. Isla Mujeres is famous for Whale Sharks that have made the crystal blue waters around its coast home; they don’t seem to mind sharing their home with scuba divers either! These are only some of the things to do besides great kiting. Wind or no wind, a trip to Cancun is an unforgettable one.

Arguably it’s the lack of the madding crowd that makes Isla Blanca such a fantastic destination. So many of the popular spots these days are filled with kites, making it difficult to learn new tricks and not just spend the whole time watching out for other riders. The warm waters, consistent winds and flat water then combine with the open spaces and stunning backdrops to create my perfect kitesurfing haven! Hopefully, I’ll see you on the water there sometime soon!

Nearest Airport: Cancun International

Best Season: November - May

Conditions: Flat water, Light to Moderate wind

Spot Hazards: Shallow bits


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By Helena Brochocka