In this issue, we take a peek at what's new in the industry at AWSI. Head to the Red Sea to catch the action from Windseekers KiteFest, read our Olympic update, and find out about some of the newest gear to hit the market from Ozone and Duotone! It's all here in On The Fly!

NSIDE THE INDUSTRY // AWSI Board Sports Expo 2023

Every year, around September, the Associate of Wind & Water Sports Industries (AWSI) puts on an industry event that brings the wind community together on the Columbia River's banks. Brands display their latest gear and showcase pre-release equipment, and dealers and shops have the opportunity to see and session on the latest technology. With pro riders on the scene to put the gear to the test and fun events and challenges throughout, a visit to the AWSI is a must-do for any industry insider! 

With 60+ brands showcasing and demoing their latest gear over 3 days to 1000+ attendees, our 2023 Expo in Hood River demonstrated why the annual AWSI Board Sports Expo is the most anticipated event in the wind and water sports industries. 

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NEW COLLAB // Pigs Can Fly

The Duotone X Porsche collaboration continues with a new campaign: Pigs Can Fly. This limited edition special livery, based on the latest Evo SLS and Select Concept Blue, is limited to 360 units, an homage to the top speed of 360km/h of the 1971 famous race car on which it's based.

"In Porsche history, known as the "Pink Pig", "Big Berta", or even "Truffle Hunter" the 917/20 takes a special place among the various 917 versions. It was the fastest car during the Le Mans pre-race qualification session and a crowd favourite at the 1971 Le Mans race."

Find out more about this campaign on the Duotone website!

NEW RELEASE // Ozone Edge V12

The team at Ozone has been busy with an exciting new update to an iconic kite, the Edge. Click to watch the video and read on to find out more about the just-announced Edge V12!

"Since inception in 2007, the Edge has been purpose-built to provide the ultimate freeride experience, capable of heartstopping riding speeds and gravity-defying big air performance.

"The Edge V12 continues to deliver adrenaline-fuelled sessions to riders who crave real power, speed and insane lift. After 16 years of refinement, the handling quality will supercharge the sessions of any intermediate twin-tip rider, not just the super high-flying renegades!

"The smooth combination of speed and power will amplify the enjoyment of any freerider looking for the ultimate sensation of escape. In the hands of riders like Jamie Overbeek, however, the Edge is also a verified 36 metre boosting behemoth capable of reaching for the stars."

SHARING THE STOKE // The Larsen Family

After I separated from the mother of my 7-year-old twin boys, I took them to the beach and taught them how to take pictures with my big Sony camera. They love to sit there together, swap the camera, and catch the action on the water!

It is unbelievable how they have managed to learn the fine techniques of photography at such a young age, using the zoom and focus. With a little editing, their photos have turned out great!

Now, they are always with me, and I can keep them busy on the shore while I'm having a quick session. What is also funny is that they are like my caddies who help me with the setting up, pumping of the gear, and even screwing on the foil!

When the wind is stronger, they love to join me on my twintip and get some airtime. Their screams and laughs are priceless! They are so addicted to this sport already, and recently did their first body drags with a trainer kite. It's time to find small harnesses for them so they can get out there on the water with me!

RACE REPORT // 2023 Formula Kite World Championships

The Paris 2024 Olympics are drawing ever nearer, and the race scene has been ablaze with events around the world. Olympic qualification is the goal, and several countries earned their tickets to the main event during August's Sailing World Championships in The Hague, Netherlands. 

In the 2023 World Championship event, it was Singapore's Maximilian Maeder and Lauriane Nolot from France who stood atop the podiums, proudly representing their sailing teams.

As of today, there are 17 nations qualified to race in Paris 2024's Formula Kite category, with Spain and Thailand joining the list after the recent European Championships in the UK and the Asian Games in China. 

Click here to find out where to watch the last few events of the season!

EVENT UPDATE // Windseekers KiteFest

The concept of the KiteFest was to bring people from all over the world to experience and enjoy kiting together in the Middle East. We had 20 nationalities, many different cultures, and many different peoples, all of them seeking to kite in beautiful conditions around the Red Sea. As we are Windseekers, we are experts on the Red Sea; we know where to go and how to make the trip special and unique for everyone!

The KiteFest was not only about kiting! We brought legends on board like Ruben Lenten, Marc Jacobs, Baptiste Bourdoulous, and Ellie Dimitrova. Instead of just enjoying a regular holiday, visitors could learn something and improve their level and skills on the water. 

Another key component of the KiteFest was the demo week, where we had the latest Cabrinha, Ozone, North, Mystic, and Duotone gear available for testing throughout the week. With riders able to use the equipment freely for 45 minutes per day, it allowed attendees to figure out what gear worked best for them!

The last part of the KiteFest were the parties! During this year's event, we brought all the boats together and had an unforgettable party on the main boat. We also hosted beach parties - planned around the wind forecast, of course! There were barbecues and meals on all three boats with three different chefs and three unique ways of cooking. 

After a year of organising, we were proud to put on this first-of-its-kind event in the Middle East. The Windseekers KiteFest was a great success, and we can't wait to welcome everybody back next year for an even bigger and better event! Stay tuned!