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Issue 37 Contents

  • Competition

    Win a place on one of the new Kirsty Jones experience kitesurf clinics with Sportif.

  • Editorial

    A few words from our editor.

  • Youri Zoon - World Champion!

    We catch up with Youri Zoon after his hectic year on the PKRA last year, which saw him take the title in the last heat of the season!

  • Travel to Taiba

    Brazil is famous from more than just Cumbuco, get away from the madding crowds and check out this stunning spot!

  • Karolina Winkowska

    Karolina has had it harder than most on the PKRA, after years coming up in third place she finally showed the form to take the crown!

  • Beasts of the South Western Wild

    Some days you look out to sea and feel scared, Dom Moore and James Waters show Rou Chater what they get up to in the winter.

  • Technique

    More tricks and tips from our in house technique editors Christian and Karine this issue!

  • Test - Surf Sticks

    Surfboards and wetsuits this issue take a pounding from the test team!

  • Reflections in Green

    Gabi Stendl gives us the second instalment from her trip to Indo last year, checking out a secret island with Jason Walcott.

  • Stephan at Jaws

    Stephan Figueiredo tames the mighty Jaws without his foot straps!

  • Lightroom

    More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

  • Readers Gallery

    Did we make you famous and did you win a t-shirt?

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