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Issue 31 Contents

  • Alex Pastor Profile

    Spanish wonder kid Alex was the only man to beat Youri Zoon last year, and he did it wearing a pair of boots...

  • Getting Into Wave Riding

    Gabi Steindl gives us an invaluable guide to your first tentative steps towards the waves. We definitely learned something, will you?

  • Go East Young Man

    We always hear about Western Australia, well we scored three weeks of pumping conditions on the East Coast, some say we were lucky, you decide...

  • Tom Court Profile

    Videographer, photographer, wakestyler, surfer and king of the edit room, there isn't much that Tom doesn't throw his hand to.

  • Technique

    This issue Christian and Karine are here to ensure your winter riding doesn't slack off, no matter how cold it is...

  • Land Of Legends

    An invaluable guide to getting on with the locals in Maui, essential reading for the intrepid traveller!

  • Lightroom

    Some awesome snowkiting shots to feat your eyes on...

  • Business as Usual

    Boris Judin reports back from Egypt, he lets us know how the country is coping with its new leadership.

  • 2011 Readers Awards

    The nominations are in and it is time to VOTE! Find out who is up for what and cast your vote carefully...

  • Readers Gallery

    More shots of our readers getting radical this issue, we need to get on the water more ourselves..

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