Simon Lamusse

Simon Lamusse

Pro Rider | 1,550

1 year ago

Booooooom, drop it like it's hot! Cabrinha just launched this slick edit from their recent Riders Academy in Sicily, the team scored amazing conditions every day…

1 year ago

Earlier this year, Laci Kobulsky visited the Urla Surf House in Turkey with Louka Pitot and Simon Lamusse solely for the park riding but it…

1 year ago

Laci Kobulsky is no stranger to park riding, so when the word got out of a Kite Park in Urla, Turkey, without a doubt, he…

Issue 71

Rou Chater and Mary Booth travel to Sicily to join the Cabrinha Rider Academy and learn what it takes to be a pro rider; it’s not all deckchairs and ice creams either! Early starts, long days and lots of sun cream are needed to get the footage and the job done!

1 year ago
Issue 69

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

2 years ago

Kitesurfer from Mauritius Island. Sponsored by Cabrinha Instagram: simonlamusse Sportsperson

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