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Sabrina A. Parisi is with Sabrina A. Parisi and I love Amsterdam XXX.
Sabrina A. Parisi is with Sabrina A. Parisi and I love Amsterdam XXX.
4 days ago

Okay I’m getting little by little closer to the moon 🌝 but I still have some more flying to do. My new personal record at 14.1 meter on my fave beast Sonic2 9 my kite. #kitegirl #kitesurfing #bigair #kitefoil #sabrinaparisiofficial #celebrity #captainkirkswatersports #lifestyle #sports #woman #bigair #flysurferkiteboarding #woosports #smile #jump

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4 days ago

My new Personal Record at 14.1 meter high Big Air on my Sonic2 Flysurfer 9 meter kite. 🚀 Kitesurfing! Fly Me to the Moon, in other words....

SABRINA A. PARISI OFFICIAL FB- TV personality, producer, director of several TV series. Entrepreneur & Hollywood Kiteboarder at Captain Kirk's Inc
Personal info
My name is Sabrina A. Parisi, I'm a TV personality, producer, director of several TV series; award winning artist, best seller author (including a memorable mention at Harvard University with my short story “My cousin Parrot speaks English better Than Me), fashion designer with several catwalk shows in Hollywood, actress, model, businesswoman, columnist, mostly entrepreneur… besides all this listing of boring stuff I am a KITEBOARDER!!! Yeah, you got it, I love Kitesurfing!!!! I guess you may classify me as a Hollywood Kiteboarder, how about that? :p

... I am also a laughter, a clown, a walking riot, a practical joker. I love to laugh, yes, at another expense, almost always. I will not grow up, I am this personality. There is plenty of time to silence me when I am in a casket. I'm not a tightwad. Never uptight. It takes a lot to rattle my chains. I like to rattle others in return. Interpret that as you choose to. ;)
Personal interests
I have many interests, animals (I love and care for all type of animals. I am a strong activist and support many charity organizations and events) , extreme sport such as kite-surfing, music, artists in general, sport cars, clothes mania, Hair Accessories, Corsets, Pretty Things, Movies, I Don't Discriminate.

This Fan-Page is about ME as a person, individual and the things I fancy. Thanks for adding me. Mutual love is key. ;) Remember, I get lots of friends and comments so it's hard to answer to each one individually, not to mention that I have the complicated brain of an artist so I need a reminder from time to time... I do cap my friends list, and drop deadbeats. One last thing, I ALWAYS close with XOXO. If this scares you, or enrages your chick, and vice versa, give me some notice. Finally and most important, I am who I am, love me, or just leave me be. Thanks… XOXO, Sabrina <3

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