Sabrina A. Parisi

Sabrina A. Parisi

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SABRINA A. PARISI OFFICIAL FB- Entrepreneur of Hollywood. TV Personality. Producer. Director of several/awarded TV series with passion for Kitesurfing. Kiteboarder Rider & Owner at Captain Kirk's Water Sports. I have many interests, animals (I love and care for all type of animals. I am a strong activist and support many charity organizations and events) , extreme sport such as kite-surfing, music, artists in general, sport cars, clothes mania, Hair Accessories, Corsets, Pretty Things, Movies, I Don't Discriminate. This Fan-Page is about ME as a person, individual and the things I fancy. Thanks for adding me. Mutual love is key. ;) Remember, I get lots of friends and comments so it's hard to answer to each one individually, not to mention that I have the complicated brain of an artist so I need a reminder from time to time... I do cap my friends list, and drop deadbeats. One last thing, I ALWAYS close with XOXO. If this scares you, or enrages your chick, and vice versa, give me some notice. Finally and most important, I am who I am, love me, or just leave me be. Thanks… XOXO, Sabrina

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