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2 months ago

The action continues! Check out Cameron Westman's video entry for the 2020 Red Bull King Of The Air. Filmed by @madicmedia, Crystal Veness, Luke McGillewie

6 months ago

Day 4 of Kite Clash may go down in history as the most action-packed day yet. Those that were watching at The Spit were treated…

2 years ago

People often wonder if the click bar is right for them or if the standard trust bar is enough? While you certainly don't need a…

2 years ago

This week Blake Olsen covers two more easy to get along with grabs. The mute and the nose Grab. Check out and get practicing! We've…

2 years ago

This week we'l cover two more of the most basic heel side grabs. The Melon and the Stalefish. We've decided to take the next few…

2 years ago

Anyone who can't decide between a long leash and a short one should watch this! This week we’ll address a common question I get on…

2 years ago

The rules of the road are an essential part of going on the water! Make sure you know them. Hint: this video is useful... Rules…

2 years ago

Stance setup is often overlooked when learning to kite. Find out how to do it properly here! This video covers how to perfect your kiteboarding…

2 years ago

Piggyback foiling! Impressive stuff. This week we thought it would be fun to teach you something a little unconventional. While it's not your typical trick…