Quobba Fins kitesurf

Quobba Fins kitesurf


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3 weeks ago

James Carew shares his experience with Quobba fins glass series!

2 months ago

Watch 'The Serpent Spine' featuring Luke Saranah in Western Australia; this clip was shot on a trip up to the North West - Enjoy!

Issue 96

On The Fly is your place to catch up on the latest news in the kiteboarding industry! Who’s winning World Championships? What’s happening downunder? What’s the latest in materials innovation? Why are so many extreme kiters Dutch? And.. what on earth is a Quobba?! It’s all right here! Stay in the know with On The Fly!

1 month ago

Matchu Lopes slaying waves with his #quobbafins!Quobba Fins kitesurf Quobba Fins Duotone Kiteboarding International Matchu Lopes ION

2 weeks ago

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