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Karolina Winkowska shared The QUEEN of HEL - Kobiecy Festiwal Kitesurfingu's video.
16 hours ago

Day 1 The QUEEN of HEL - Kobiecy Festiwal Kitesurfingu 馃槏鉂わ笍

Karolina Winkowska shared The QUEEN of HEL - Kobiecy Festiwal Kitesurfingu's photo.
Karolina Winkowska shared The QUEEN of HEL - Kobiecy Festiwal Kitesurfingu's photo.
3 days ago

W艂o偶y艂y艣my du偶o pracy aby nasze pi臋kne Polskie Kiteboarderki mia艂y 艣wietn膮 imprez臋 z super nagrodami ! Zapraszamy was wszystkie !!!

We have put a lot of work to make our Polish Kiteboarders have a great event with great prizes ! We invite you all !!!

Karolina Winkowska shared Kite Park League's video.
3 days ago

Kite Park League riders on FIREEEEE !!!

Karolina Winkowska added 3 new photos.
Karolina Winkowska added 3 new photos.
5 days ago

!!! Wygraj desk臋 KAROLINA PRO firmy Slingshot Kite !!!

Deska zaprojektowana jest dla wszystkich dziewczyn kt贸re chc膮 poczu膰 si臋 komfortowo na wszystkich akwenach wodnych, jak r贸wnie偶 rozwija膰 swoje umiej臋tno艣ci freestyleowe.

Aby wygra膰 desk臋 KAROLINA PRO
1. Udost臋pnij ten post, i napisz dla czego chcia艂aby艣 dosta膰 t膮 desk臋 z hasztagiem #winkarolinapro
2. Zapisz si臋 na festiwal The QUEEN of HEL - Kobiecy Festiwal Kitesurfingu 22-25 Czerwca, Cha艂upy 6, baza kitecrew.pl
3. B膮d藕 obecna na zako艅czeniu festiwalu gdzie odb臋dzie si臋 losowanie tej deski !!!

Powodzenia 馃

!!! Win a KAROLINA PRO board from Slingshot Kite !!!

The board is designed for all girls who want to feel comfortable on the water as well as develop their freestyle skills.

To win the KAROLINA PRO board
1. Share this post, and write why would you like to get this board with hashtag #winkarolinapro
2. Sign up for The QUEEN OF HEL Festival - Women's Kitesurfing Festival 22-25 June, Cha艂upy 6, Poland
3. Be present at the final day of the festival where the draw will take place !!!
Good Luck 馃

Karolina Winkowska updated their cover photo.
Karolina Winkowska updated their cover photo.
7 days ago

The QUEEN of HEL II - Kobiecy Festiwal Kitesurfingu - Kitecrew <3

Karolina Winkowska added a new photo.
Karolina Winkowska added a new photo.
2 weeks ago

What a week !!! 馃敟Couldn't be more stoked to be here and share the podium with @colleenjcarroll @annelous and @sensigraves ! So insane to see all girls pushing the park riding to the next level ! Thank you ladies for the awesome competition !!! #girlswhoshred #triplesinvitational #kiteboarding #kitegirl #karolinapro #slingshotkite #rideengine #windvoyagertriples #realwatersports @realwatersports @windvoyager @slingshotkite @rideengine

Karolina Winkowska shared Triple-S Invitational's video.
2 weeks ago

Whaaaat a week !!! Congrats Ewan Jaspan & Colleen Carroll for the win !

Karolina Winkowska posted a video
2 weeks ago

Few clips from 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational !Loving it here, thank you REAL Watersports for the awesome week !

Kite is my life ! @karolinawinkowska
3x Freestyle Kiteboarding World Champion | Triple S Winner | Kite Park League Champ | Slingshot Kite | Nissan Qashqai
Polish rider Karolina Winkowska has been going from strength to
strength since she first began kiteboarding in her summer holidays in
2004. With a family who are 鈥渁ddicted to watersports鈥 and background
success in extreme sports (she was Polish junior champion in boarder
cross and big air snowboarding) it鈥檚 no surprise Karolina has made it
to the PKRA winner鈥檚 podium.

2005 saw Karolina debut on the PKRA scene finishing 5th in the Brazil
event and gaining her first sponsors 鈥淩oxy鈥 and 鈥淣aish鈥. This was her
first taste of international competition but by 2008, she had earned
herself two consecutive 2nd places on the PKRA podium, won the 2008
Chile event, and gained another big sponsor 鈥淔ord鈥. She was on top of
her game, however Karolina鈥檚 luck was about to change and her 2009
season was severely threatened by a crash in Brazil which left her
with a broken leg, 鈥淣ot only did I have a broken leg but I also had to
finish my high school education, so I needed to study a lot during
this time which meant I couldn鈥檛 go to the beach or kite. I had only 3
weeks kiting time during the winter.鈥

Thankfully Karolina managed a fast recovery and was back on the water
within the year showing us the powerful and fearless style we know her
so well for... and back on the PKRA winner鈥檚 podium by the end of the
season finishing in third place overall.

Her explanation for her success in the sport? 鈥淜itesurfing is my
passion, the thing that I do basically for pleasure.鈥 This is made
very clear as she is never seen on the beach without a smile on her
face. She currently manages to maintain a healthy balance between
Kiteboarding and her language studies whilst remaining one of the most
committed and fun loving female riders on tour.
3x Kiteboarding World Champion
2016 Triple S Champion
Kite is my life ! by: http://www.karolinawinkowska.com
instagram : @karolinawinkowska
Personal info
Professional Kitesurfer;

3x Kitesurfing World Champion

5x Kitesurfing Polish Champion;
Personal interests
Kite is my life !!!

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