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The satisfaction of stomping a trick like this is just so nice and it fuels the motivation to push through the next challenge ahead in hopes of getting that feeling again.
Naish Kiteboarding Ride Engine Thirst Project
Video: Bryan Metcalf-Perez
#kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kiting #Kickerhits #WakeStyle #extremesports #HoodRiver #PremierClub #SendIt #GoBigorGoHuge #Extreme #LetsFly

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1 day ago

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Patri McLaughlin sticks the most legit strapless triple front roll in history! So radical! Good job buddy!
Naish Kiteboarding Ride Engine Thirst Project
#kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kiting #Kiteloop #bigair #extremesports #Maui #PremierClub #Bigjumps #SendIt #GoBigorGoHuge #Extreme #LetsFly #KingOfTheAir

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4 days ago

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Sometimes it is important to know when to send it and other times it is important to listen to your body and your mind. Turning over my spot for the 2017 King of the Air due to multiple injuries.
In this crazy event you need to be performing at 110% and ready for anything to happen at any moment, this is a lesson Nick Jacobsen, and I tried to impress to Graham Howes whom which is now officially rideing in the Red Bull King of the Air!
Naish Kiteboarding Ride Engine Thirst Project
#kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kiting #Kiteloop #bigair #extremesports #Maui #PremierClub #Bigjumps #SendIt #GoBigorGoHuge #Extreme #LetsFly #KingOfTheAir

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Jesse Richman updated their profile picture.
1 week ago
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3 weeks ago

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Excited to see what happens this year at the King of the Air. Nothing quite like the thrill of going big, riding fast and being totally maxed out in 40 knots of wind. Here is one of my bigger jumps from last year at 61 feet / 9.2-second hangtime
Naish Kiteboarding Ride Engine Thirst Project
#kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kiting #Kiteloop #bigair #extremesports #Maui #PremierClub #Bigjumps #SendIt #LA #CliffJumping #GoBigorGoHuge #Extreme #LetsFly #whynot

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3 weeks ago

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Let's send it into 2017 with a plan of action, an intention to stick with and our eyes set on high goals. No matter what appears to be in our way, we can get there if we give it everything we got!
Naish Kiteboarding Ride Engine Thirst Project
Video: Forrest Jaqua
#kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kiting #Kiteloop #NewYears #Surfing #CookIslands #extremesports #Maui #PremierClub #Bigjumps #SendIt #LA #CliffJumping #GoBigorGoHuge #Extreme #Resolutions #LetsFly #whynot

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1 month ago

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Take the creative way down! Really stoked that I got to share this wild experience featured in #DontCrackUnderPressureSeaso2 with Maui at the Premier last week. Still buzzin on the night that we had.
Naish Kiteboarding Ride Engine Thirst Project
#kitesurfing #Kiteboarding #Kiting #snowboarding #sking #Surfing #norway #extremesports #Maui #Premier #Bigjumps #SendIt #LA #CliffJumping #GoBigorGoHuge #Extreme #SnowKiting

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1 month ago

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▪️Professional Kiteboarder | Kitesurfer
▪️2x World Champion
▪️3x AWSI Rider Of The Year
▪️Giving Back!
Jesse Richman was born on July 22, 1992, in Maui, Hawaii, to Joel and Elaine Richman. Growing up with his older brother by 3 years Shawn and his younger sister by 4 years Eva. Jesse was always physically active, pushing the limits from an early age, He was especially drawn to the ocean. Starting out in the water surfing and then to windsurfing Jesse couldn't get enough. While he would wait for his dad to take him to the beach Shawn and he would build ramps and jumps out of various items in the back yard and jump them with bicycles and skate boards. Shortly before Jesse turned 10 he got an offer from an old time family friend, Joe Koehl (pronounced Joe Cool) an iconic windsurf and kitesurf pioneer, to come fly a new kite of his. After Jesse had nearly flown away and felt out the kite Joe Told Joel and Elaine that he was a natural born Kitesurfer and would one day be world champion.

From there on out it was all about kitesurfing. Jesse spent all day every day thinking about kiting. After school he jammed down to the beach with Shawn and Joel and they all became hooked on kiting. Soon it became apparent that Shawn and Jesse might have a future in the sport as pro's. The three of them started out small with local contests and then hit up the big time after the boys started winning. Going to events from San Francisco to Texas to Venezuela. In 2007 Jesse made history with his record breaking jump in San Francisco, flying through the air for an incredible 22 seconds, blowing away the old hang time record of 13 seconds. Jesse started to get bigger and better and his busy schedule reflected his growing success in the kitesurfing world. Just before starting high school he switched to an online based school so he could travel as much as he needed and still achieve a high school education.

In 2008 Jesse decided to try out his first ever European event in France. This was the first stop on the Kite Board Pro World Tour (KPWT). He was not sure what to expect and wanted to do the whole tour but was leaving this decision up to how he did in France. Sure enough… He won the event. With his eyes focused on a world title Jesse set out that year and competed on the World Tour, having stops in places like: Greece, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Morocco and more.
At the end of the year Jesse was crowned kitesurfing's Overall World Champion.

Jesse then went on to win the title once more in 2009. As well as winning the newly formed International Kiteboarding Association's (IKA) Overall World Title that was sanctioned by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

Today Jesse is one of the busiest and most sought after riders in the sport.
Personal info
Professional Kiteboarder | Kitesurfer
Personal interests
Family, Philanthropy, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Dirt Biking, SUP, Freediving

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Kitesurf Holiday Experience with Kirsty Jones


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